What forms of turquoise are being used in jewel-making?

Jewel-making is a process containing several stages and turquoise necklace contains the treatment and usage of the element in various forms. Let us discuss some of these forms of turquoise used in jewel-making.
Untreated turquoise jewel
It would be more precise if you say just turquoise than a jewel for this type of gemstone. Because the product would contain the gemstone as the same that lived in the earth before the jewel makers get hold of it. No treatments would be there to convert the gemstone into something to fit it in the jewel. As the jewel will contain this element as it is available in nature, the demand for this jewel is high.
Stabilized turquoise
When an element like a gemstone is highly unstable by its nature, you could not use it for making jewels. Unless you are about to use it as it is without modifying anything, you could not get a new element capable of getting deformed. To convert the naturally occurring turquoise into something deformable, jewel-makers have come up with a treatment of stabilization of turquoise into a softer element to make different jewels.
Composite turquoise
It could be the direct opposite to an untreated turquoise jewel as the treatment of tiny particles of turquoise with some other polymers is the beginning stage of the production of the raw materials for the jewels that are about to come up in the future. Since larger blocks of polymers treated with turquoise are produced, the element contains another name as block turquoise. However, the naturally occurring turquoise would get thrashed into minute pieces before the treatment and you could not witness its characteristics to a greater extent on the final compound.

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